Multi Fuel Burners

ASAP Power is the service and sales agent for MST Combustion products

Our multi-fuel burners are ready to run with oil/gas and wood-dust  and are suitable for different applications. Based on established  technologies our burners (3-75 MW) come with special advantages like:

  • Optimized firing guidance over the  entire capacity range realized by moving diffuser assembly.
  • Maintenance friendly construction units  (module principle)
  • Use of high-quality materials and  accessory
  • Dust nozzles with increased service life also for strongly loaded types of dust
  • Big sight glass for flame observation
  • No “glasing” inside our combustion  chambers due to multi level supply of secondary air
  • Minimal shut down periods for MST  plug-and-play spare parts without the need for new cables or plugs.
  • When changing actuators no need for reinstallation or  reprogramming because of MST-ACCS (Adaptative Combustion Control  System).

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